July 31, 2012 by davocabo
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Did you get drawn for tickets :)

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Hey there fellow broken heart fan, I'm right there with you :( I posted a place for all us Redeyed Redouts to meet in Cabo and have our own Party :) I even contacted the Bar. Let me know what you think and help spread the LOVE.......see you in Cabo ! we are at the RIU SANTA FE, we had such a great time last year, we booked Sammy show this year

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I tried emailing every RR admin person and no oone has responded to me at all....Lets all hope something went wrong and we all still have a shot at tickets - but it sure would be NICE to hear something offical from The RedRocker camp....

Help us all out here Sammy and company and please communicate whats going on - you have a shit ton of disappointed fans over this to US!!!

So bummed in Texas- my first trip and NO tickets sucks!!!

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It would be great to know if they are done sending out notifications...

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Between here and sammy's facebook page I counted at least 20 people that have two or more shows, and I know there is more,but people arent posting it. If there was a problem why did they release tics to people?? Its over there not going to address it, and say we screwed up. There are too many questions that need to be answered.
If the whole idea behind this was to let people who never been to a b-bash before have a chance, well the f@#ked up. I was one of those people, and ya I'm beyond pissed. They took the power out of our hands by not letting us buy them ourselves. and pulled this behind close door bullshit. Sorry for all the people going down with paid hotel and airfair without tics. Sorry for the long time 1013 club members like myself that have nothing too.

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Hi All! I haven't been able to find out a thing? Not sure if they have more tickets or if thing has been put to bed! As soon as I hear anything, I will post it!
Doug aka "CWG"

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I think you are so right....something did go terribly wrong

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I think they are scrambling because something went seriously wrong and they don't know how to fix it.... I guess we will all find out between now and Oct.....

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@Tonya005 - the members are all stunned because so many of them did not get any tickets. Everyone is just in disbelief! And we all are asking the same the lottery over?

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Nope, and they wont. They dont want to answer to any of us. The members who normally keep us informed are being quiet. I wonder why????

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Yeah! How about it. Just get it over with.