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June 22, 2010 by davek013

Legendary rocker Sammy Hagar (CHICKENFOOT, ex-VAN HALEN) has revealed to Atlantic City Weekly that he is currently working on an autobiography titled "Sammy Hagar Red". He says, "When you read my family background, you're going to ask 'How did this happen? It's a miracle.' I came from a family in which my father died in the back of a police car when he was 53 years old, drunk on the streets of my hometown of Fontana, California. It was a small steel-mill town where everybody knew everybody else, which made it tough on me, my brother and two sisters. My mom [Gladys] would do ironing and pick fruit to raise four kids. A single mom — that's where the heart and soul comes from. Even though we were poor, we had clean clothes and she gave us values. My mom [who passed away a couple of years ago] was totally uneducated, she only went through eighth grade, but she had heart and soul and creativity. My brother and sisters all have had good lives and no problems, and it's because of my mom. Fontana was rough and tough and nothing was given to you. This is where I came from and can brag a little bit and put a feather in my cap — I came from nothing, zero."

Hagar and his band THE WABOS will open 11 of the 16 shows on AEROSMITH's upcoming North American trek, beginning on July 23 in Oakland.

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CathyCTredrocker's picture

Might even top last years Christmas video message.
That was the most honorable sincere "Thanks" I've ever seen. (I felt honored to even get it sent to me) Can't wait to read the whole story!!
Still humble after all-amazing! :0)

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I am looking forward to reading it too....

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I read this...looking forward to it!!