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April 11, 2011 by davek013

I knew after the article "Surviving Eddie" was featured in Rolling Stone Magazine that a few readers(which they did) would question Sammy's motivation for being so candid about the 2004 Van Halen tour ect. I wanted to fly the "Redhead" flag for all the fans who truly " get it"! My letter is the current issue . Check it out.

Hagar’s Revenge

THANK YOU, SAMMY HAGAR, for finally setting the record straight on Van Halen. “Surviving Eddie” [RS 1126] is a testament to why the band has been incapable of releasing any new music over the past decade. Eddie may be the heart of Van Halen and Alex the backbone, but without the foundation (Michael Anthony) and the soul (Hagar), it’s clear why the band never recovered.

Dave Kennedy, South Bend, IN

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