Open the vaults in 2013!Four Decades of Rock Box Set

July 18, 2012 by davek013

2013 will mark 5 years since Cosmic Universal Fashion! With the upcoming Four Decades of Rock Tour in 2013 it would be the perfect time to open the audio & video vaults to celebrate the tour and all the die hard Redheads who a have been this ride with Sammy since the beginning!.
How about a 4 Decades Of Rock Box Set!
Coffee Table book (w/ photos of the past 4 decades)
2 CD's of rare and unreleased songs (Rock Candy 97, Don't Get Hooked,Wash Me Down Again Ect.)
2 DVD's (1 new Documentary on Sammy's history & GTOBTT plus bonus rare videos).
Make it very limited edition and available by preorder only.
That would be a great gift for Redheads.
If you would like to see that happen in 2013 please comment below and show your Redhead support! Let's send a message by posting tons of messages!
Redheads Rule!
Feel free to post your favorite unreleased song too!

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CaboWaboGuy's picture

Call it "REDology" & only 1013 limited edition number boxed sets! Special packageing for those first 1013 sets & a normal edition to be released soon after!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"