Four Decades of Rock Tour 2013

May 12, 2012 by davek013

2013 will mark 5 years since Cosmic Universal Fashion! With the upcoming Four Decades of Rock Tour in 2013 it would be the perfect time to open the audio & video vaults to celebrate the tour and all the die hard Redheads who a have been this ride with Sammy since the beginning!.
How about a 4 Decades Of Rock Box Set!
Coffee Table book (w/ photos of the past 4 decades)
2 CD's of rare and unreleased songs (Rock Candy 97, Don't Get Hooked,Wash Me Down Again Ect.)
2 DVD's (1 new Documentary on Sammy's history & GTOBTT plus bonus rare videos).
Make it very limited edition and available by preorder only.
That would be a great gift for Redheads.
If you would like to see that happen in 2013 please comment below and show your Redhead support! Let's send a message by posting tons of messages!
Redheads Rule!

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 40 Redhead Comments

crazycabo's picture

Wonderful Ideas!!!!

lisab088's picture

All red-Fantastic ideas!!!

Luke123's picture

Really cannot wait till sammys new album!

marcz039's picture

I'm in....let's make this happen......


Mandy Buck's picture

Yes I'm in never can get enough Sammy'!!!!

outlaw's picture

That would be fricken awesome... Someone make it happen!

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doglips2u's picture

You can't have too much Sammy
And no I am not a human visitor.Sammy knows this ..Why do ya think we're special !!

doglips2u's picture

You can't have too much Sammy !!

Billwave's picture

Make it happen Sammy. I'm in!

chadm046's picture

Can't wait to grab a copy of 4 decades of rock

bjack's picture

Id buy this in a minute,Ive been rockin with Sammy since seeing him with Montrose in winterland opening up for elvin bishop!

redrockermomma's picture

Please , please come to Little Rock, Tulsa, or Memphis!!

gordonb002's picture

Yes, I would order that.

laschultz's picture

Sounds like a great package! Please make your rounds through Phoenix again!

jeanninem041's picture

Sounds Great! I can't wait to add this to my almost complete collection of 4 decades of Sammy!
Sammy Please bring the 4 decades tour to Michigan!

azure.s's picture

I am all for these ideas!
There's a lot of music and other media many of us would love to access!
The Forty Years tour is going to be great!
But we want more!

dr_nick6987's picture

Saw the show in Tahoe and it rocked our ass off!!! Love the idea of the collector set and signed too would rock and members get first shot at the set and the conncert needs 4-6 chickenfoot songs

jjcabo's picture

Love this and let us not forget a CROSS CANADA Tour, at the very least WESTERN Canada

heatherb012's picture

Would love this! Especially the coffee table book! Bring this tour to STL!! I know you will! Would love for you to do an outside venue, love to party on the lawn!!!


Would love to see Sammy on a tour stop to Pittsburgh. Especially since the Consol Arena has new management.
What a great venue to play in ! We can only hope.

dbarry's picture

It would be great if Sammy signed every box set too.

poundcake's picture

I would LOVE this to happen in any capacity. I have been a fan of Sammy's since I was in high school. I am 33 now and he is pretty much my CD collection. Even my 8 yr old daughter likes his music. PLEASE get us something like this so we can all have a piece of history and an incredible collection. I have never seen him Live, so this is probably tne closest I will get with a book, etc. PLEASE think about it. I love you, Sammy! You ROCK!!

langford56's picture

Just saw ChickenFoot in Chicago May 14th! the greatest Band ever! I was blessed to be front row at this show! Remember me Sammy and Michael? LOL I was the guy next to a Blonde that kept showing her lovelys!LOL
I am looking forward to the next strudio ChickenFott this band has it all together and a real pleasure to see live.

Michael bass playing is encredible a great touch to the band.
4 decades of sammy a must see tour.
I loved Sammy's voice when the needle hit the record and Rock the nation poured out of the speakers.
I bought Sammy's 9 on 10 record still love it! and still one of my favorite records.
I saw Sammy when RED came out what a great concert in Davenport Iowa a Montrose?/Hagar area the Quad Citys. I saw Sammy many times since. I will continue to go see any Concert sammy is at.

Thank YouChickenFoot! and keep the music flowing the world needs it!

Tommy Langford
Bettendorf, Iowza

TommySalami's picture

Sure, why not. Let's also jack-up the price so he can make even more money off us!!!

briank073's picture

This would be an awesome Idea, with some of the rare tracks added. Also a tour of the UK and Europe would be cool also.'s picture

Abosolutely, sign me up! The REDROCKER rocks Lake Havasu!!!

dbarry's picture

I'm in too! Best idea I've heard in a long time.
See you in Boston this Wednesday Sammy!

RIRedrocker's picture

OH HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

davek013's picture

We need more votes! Spread the word! Let's get this thing going viral!

Mandy Buck's picture

Heck yeah Montrose, Sammy, The Wabos, Chickenfoot. Im in!!!!

aliciao011's picture

I love it! Sign me up!!!

peeweethedane's picture

yes yes yes. that would be awesome. i`ll buy it for sure:-) REDlove from Denmark:-)

cabojohnny5150's picture

Oh man, I am a die hard fan! This would be the ultimate! I seriously hope this does happen. (Sammy if u r doing a box set of rare and unreleased songs, u need to throw in a couple brand new songs too) maybe a new CF song & a new song with the Wabos! (I mis the Wabos)

gordonb002's picture

That would be a great idea. I would definitely buy somthing like that. Count me in.

JOANNEB075's picture

LOVE this idea!!! Count me in!!

GNR's picture

This would be great!! I'd buy this!!

davek013's picture