Chickenfoot New Album News

May 26, 2011 by davek013

Sammy Hagar gives Classic Rock Magazine details on the new Chickenfoot album titled 1V.
Songs include Big Foot a Rock Candy type thing: "I got my hands on the wheel and my Big Foot on the gas!" Other tracks include Come Closer (very soulful, almost R&B), I Ain't Got You (about having so much money that you can gave everything, but I can't have you) and Hagar's fav The Last Temptation: "it's about a guy in a strip bar, he's trying to change but he's sitting in this strip joint going: Oh,man..."
Political song No Change: always a new guy comes along and he's got a whole new outfit on, a new look and rap, but nothing ever changes. If anything it keeps getting worse".
The band's first choice to fill in for Chad Smith when he cannot tour is drummer Abe Laboriel Jr.

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