Sammy With The David ?

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It's supposed to be Sammy Hagar Baby's On Fire & Van Halen Runnin With The Devil mixed.

I'm a die hard Hagar fan, But it's not bad.

I understand & know the past about VH, Sammy & Dave, But I still wanna see an all star Van Halen reunion someday. That would complete The Best Of Both Worlds album. Since VH & Dave are doing good now by getting along, Not sure about VH & Sammy, But maybe there's a chance now. Do it Right Now, It's your tomorrow. Just think about all the Sammy, Dave & VH fans at the concert. Why wouldn't it be a Sold Out show? Come on Sammy, Dave & VH... Do it before you all get too old.
Sammy's always the good hearted one, How bout the rest?

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