Former WCW wrestler Van Hammer, Sammy Hagar style

Former WCW wrestler Van Hammer impersonates Sammy Hagar as a wrestler.

I wanna see Sammy Hagar guest host WWE Monday Night RAW.
Toby Keith, Kid Rock, Rob Zombie, ZZ Top and more have done it.

I also would love to see Sammy Hagar perform live at a WWE live wrestling event. Preferrably at Wrestlemania.

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This was a day of laughter for all the wrestling fans out there. I am sure none of them who saw it would ever forget this event. it was shown on national television and was indeed a great display of skill and extra cool attitude. bucky balls

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Love the intro... This is halarious. lol. after all we are all just animals when it comes right down to it. lol. I have to say I like the music side of animals rather than the beating the crap side. It was real funny though.