July 14, 2010 by danielw075

Dear Sammy & All Redheads,

I'm throwing out a request for Sammy Hagar to come to my hometown more often, in or around Norristown, PA.
It's tough for me to not knowing someday when or if I'll be able to make it to Cabo. I keep hoping and wishing, too.
I'm 32 this year and been a die hard Hagar fan since I was a kid.
There are lots of cool places that Sammy can perform live here in PA.
I should be able to make it to Sammy's Beach Bar in Atlantic City, N.J. someday. Is there any other PA people on here?

P.S. We need more Sammy Hagar/Van Hagar music on Karaoke.

Much Luv,

Danny "The Wissrat" Wissert
Wissrat Sounds - DJ, Karaoke & Trivia (Services)

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COOL! Thanks -JA-

You Rock!

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I'll vote for Sammy to play closer to you Dan! :-D

And YES, I also TOTALLY AGREE that we should be able to get more Sammy related Kareoke CD's to sing with!
I've always loved singing Sammy tunes!!!



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I'm from Langhorne, PA. Why not make the two hour drive to Atlantic City on August 28th?


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yes yes YES!! I couldn't wait so I spent my savings on my 32nd b-day trip this year to go see Chickenfoot in Cali. Sammy SO needs to come to PA. We are opening a brand new arena here in the 'Burgh this summer & he needs to come turn that place RED baby!!! And I totally agree with you on the karaoke thing. I have been wanting to go belt out some Chickenfoot/Montrose/Sammy/Van Hagar for MONTHS now. I practice in my car every day..tee hee!!