I did some thinking...

April 05, 2014 by danielw075

Sorry for the political stuff.

I love all you guys, my Sammy friends.
I'm not gonna let that O-Care crap stop me from being a Sammy fan since I was a kid.
I will "never give up" and never give in to that O-Care crap, But will continue to love my all time favorite and friends.
Like me or not for my opinion on that O-Care crap, But that's where I stand and will always be that way.
I just hope none of you get caught in a trap with that O-Care crap because it's gonna mess up peoples lives.


Danny "The WissRat"

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toms008's picture

I'm glad you withdrew your opinion. I tried to research Sammy's "political" issue you took exception to. From what I could find he is pushing for a new cancer treatment to be accepted by the FDA that "Brother's" wife needs. Nothing political, just not covered by insurance since it's not approved.

Please read the article linked in the next blog to appreciate the person Sammy really is. He is so creative and continues to play his ass off for us. Not because he has to, but because he wants to. Will be a RedHead Forever!!