Is Sam the REAL Energizer Bunny??

November 06, 2010 by danal008

Hey RedHeads, I did not see any blog about this but it was an awesome RedHead moment. Sam and the Waboritas were basically done with their set and in transition to leaving the stage. Sam however, decided he wasn't finished. He then scurried everybody back into position and got them playing again! The stage managers were pissed off and Sam wouldn't stop singing!! They finally had to pull the fuckin plug on him. I was shocked in two ways. First, how do you pull the plug on the RedRocker. Then, totally thrilled that Sam didn't listen...he's the Energizer Bunny, can't shut him off!! Way to go Sam...There's no rules at a Rock Concert!! I thought it was GREAT!!

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302_Boss_Chick's picture

yes, he absolutley is.