Saginaw Michigan Civic Center

September 22, 2015 by daddywheelz

I know I was somewhat in a fog back in 1985 (well maybe not somewhat), but I definitely went to see Sammy in Saginaw, Michigan in the Spring of 1985. However, when I check several different websites to see if anyone else had a recollection of this event, I come up blank. I thought that the tour was the VOA and this was before Farmaid and obviously before Van Halen.

Did anyone else out there attend this show? Oh and by the way, it was a rocking good LONG show.


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Hey man! I just registered so I could answer your post because I know it's annoying to not remember show dates. The date of that show in Saginaw was 4/4/85 & Dokken was the opening act. I still have the ticket stub! Later!