HOLA!!! ADLN event update before the Bash!

October 01, 2013 by ctcabo

Hola everyone!! Just wanted to post one last update before everyone starts heading south of the border!

Carla is no longer accepting payments for the Booze Cruise via PayPal. You can go to the dock at 3:30 on 10/10 and purchase tickets in line. If you see her out and about, just ask to be sure there are still spots available!

There will be an auction for show tickets on 10/7 and 10/9 at 3PM at Baja Peppers, which is located at the Mar de Cortes hotel. The tickets will be for that same day's show. Good luck!!!

Mas tequila (and I guess a little rum now)! Have a great time!!!

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My apologies. I just saw this post. Carla will have lots of stuff to raffle and auction at the beach party tomorrow. Hope you had fun on the booze cruise. Unfortunately, I've already made my re-entry back into the real world. Short but sweet Cabo trip for me this year!

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Sorry to bug Chris, is there confirmation for tickets on the booze cruise either raffle or auction?

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Booze Cruise is all set for the 10th. The day of show auctions for tickets will be on 10/7 and 10/9 at Baja Peppers. Haven't confirmed if Carla will have tickets for the 10/13 show at the Beach Party on the 12th.

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Is everything still normal for the booze cruise and the tickets for the 11th, and the beach party on the 12th that will raffle/auction tickets for the 13th?