2013 Cabo Birthday Bash / ADLN Events - UPDATE

September 04, 2013 by ctcabo

Hola Cabo peeps!!!

Here is a message from Carla regarding 2013 Cabo Bday Bash/ADLN events:

Hi Everybody!

I just wanted to get the word out that we are holding the usual annual Redhead events in Cabo again this year. I will have Sammy Hagar tickets available for raffle and auction!

Booze Cruise:

Oct. 10th. Everyone should arrive at Dock #7 at 3:30pm. The boat will load at 4pm. We will be cruising on the Cabo Escape! You can pre-pay via www.paypal.com by sending 35.00 per person to adlncabo@hotmail.com

Carla is asking if you could please help them cover their PayPal fees by adding 1.00 per ticket to your order.

Carla will send confirmation of your payment from the adlncabo@hotmail.com address

Beach Party:

Oct 12th at Tabasco’s beginning at noon and will run until 4pm. There will be food and drink specials, as well as Sammy/Cabo items up for raffle and auction.

Birthday Bash Ticket Auctions/Raffles:

Carla is working on 2 auctions at Baja Peppers (Mar De Cortez) for tickets to the Oct 7th and 9th shows. (Times still to be announced)

She will have 3 pairs of tickets to each show.

Barrio Trip:

We will be heading out to the barrios on 10/13!
We’ll be collecting donations at the Cabo Wabo Cantina. (they can also be dropped off at Mar De Cortez, just give them my name!)

Donations needed:
Small toys
Medical Supplies
School Supplies
Eye Glasses
Hearing Aides
Hygiene Items (shampoo, deodorant, soap, toothbrushes, etc.)

I will update whenever more details come in. The time is close, very close!!!!

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 7  Redhead Comments

ctcabo's picture

Hola! I just heard from Carla that she is no longer taking payments via PayPal. You can go to the dock on 10/10 at 3:30 and get tickets in line. If you see Carla floating around town, you can ask her to be sure there are still spots available.

Have a great time!!!

Hartzonly's picture

Are there any tickets left for the Booze Cruise?

kimdramirez's picture

Hi! I was wondering if there are still booze cruise tickets to purchase?

JBoDEAN's picture

See you on the booze cruise!

jclawest2022's picture

Carla - Is it too late to get on the Booze Cruise? What info do you have for the raffle @ Baja Peppers?

Hoseclamp's picture

Great info, thank you Chris and Carla!! Redheads, what I learned from our first trip last year, when you drink too much, when you spend too much, when you rag doll down stairs, when you black out for several days and switch over to auto pilot, remember it's for the kids!!!:)) FDIC literally!! Seriously thanks ADLN Carla and everyone for the opportunity to help raise funds, and see some shows. :)

AudiFan's picture

Carla, thanks for doing this. I sent my payment in today. Let's fill the boat!