Bash 2012

May 31, 2012 by CSPTRN

I'm looking for ticket information for Cabo Birthday Bash 2012.

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10%? typo...justpay attention and you'll get tickets.

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You are at the right place! All info will be posted here in the coming months! Don't go months without might only have a week or so notice for the on sale date! Tickets for each show will sell out in minutes! If going to Cabo is to go to the shows, book your trip after you have tickets! Don't complain you booked a trip & couldn't get tickets, it will not do anything to help you get tickets! That's it! When it comes right down to it, 10% of the people who want the tickets will get them! Ticket are not transferable in anyway! The person who buys them has to pick them up & wristbands are put on you right there!
Good luck!
Doug aka "CWG"