August 03, 2010 by Crewe

I really appreciate the fact that Sammy and his team are trying to eliminate camping out for tickets along with enticing new comers to Cabo.
However, like many veterans, I feel the old way was just fine.
Ive noted before that is is my opinion, if you wanted to get in to see a show, get in line and get a ticket.
If you want in, you get in. With this online ticket sale, well, it's a completely different scenario.
I think the end result is that you have less people going to Cabo and more disgruntled fans..
Camping out was part of the process. Noone really wanted to do it, but it was always fun and once you saw the show, you know it was well worth it. Like Wild Bill always says, "it's October 12th and this is what we do"
The cry from the new people was, I dont want to sleep in the street, or why would I go if I wasnt sure I could get in?
Well, sleeping in the street is how its done, and if you want in, get in line. Simple.
Now we are subjected to the reliability of technology to get us in to our coveted Cantina; not to mention we have to shell out $55 bucks for what used to be free.
Before, I said that the cash aspect wasnt that big of a deal since you have already laid out money for the trip, another few bucks shouldnt send you to the poorhouse. I still believe that, but just the fact you have to pay now goes along with the sweeping changes made this year that will add to many unhappy fans.
I am confident that Sammy and his team are enduring an abundance of complaints regarding this pre sale, but let's not forget, even though some of us feel it was just fine the way it was, Sammy was trying to please his fans and there is no way you can fault him for that. We all have trailed his career and we know what a genuine person he is and that he does indeed care about his followers.
With that in mind; thanks to Sammy and his team. See you in Cabo!

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well said. I toohave spent all nighters on the side walk. Met new friends and great memories. There is something special to be said about seeing such a great performer I've been following most of my life. For me the last two years were very frustrating trying to get tickets. After spending all night on the side walk and being 10 people away from getting in for next nights show was very hard. We work hard all year to get to Cabo, Seeing Sammy in his own place is what it is all about. After last year though I had enough of the ordeal. I know its great for the locals to sit in line for someone while they are laying on the beach. It's great money for them, But when I was a few people back from them and have traveled over 3,000 miles it was pretty damn frustrating. No there really is no solution for Sam's Birthday bash, I guess we should all be thankful that he is still hitting the notes and able to reach his fans. We can't please everyone in this world no matter how hard we try. Everyone just needs to step back and take a big look around once in a while. I'm pretty thankful I just have the memories to say I was there.