August 03, 2010 by Crewe

I really appreciate the fact that Sammy and his team are trying to eliminate camping out for tickets along with enticing new comers to Cabo.
However, like many veterans, I feel the old way was just fine.
Ive noted before that is is my opinion, if you wanted to get in to see a show, get in line and get a ticket.
If you want in, you get in. With this online ticket sale, well, it's a completely different scenario.
I think the end result is that you have less people going to Cabo and more disgruntled fans..

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Are we there yet?

July 11, 2010 by Crewe

It's amazing how this one event is the thing that I look forward to in a year more than anything else.
Christmas, Thanksgiving...all of them take a back seat to the Birthday Bash.
I look forward to seeing many familiar faces face down in Cabo.....

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