Lowell, MA show ??

September 23, 2013 by crazycabo

Here I was waiting for the Four decades of Rock tour that Sammy talked about on That Metal Show this passed year. Was soo sooo excited when he finally announced the tour and just a few days ago a show was posted for Lowell, MA for 10/25. Now its gone.........man that sucks big time I took the day off and my husband was gonna take me for our anniversary which is 10/26 we were just waiting for the tkts to go on sale. Total bummer i hope there will be some sort of show date for the Massachusetts or close to.. its been a long wait. Love ya Sammy you're the best but you got fans on the east coast over here =(

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I saw it come and go too. but its back on the events page again..

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I was just looking at the events page and it still shows that Sammy and the Wabo's are doing the 4 decades of rock show there.
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