Some Imature Reds on Here!!!!

August 01, 2012 by craigt085

My Fellow RedHeads. Been going to Cabo since 94, missed 2 years due to Back Injury. Remember in 94 you could just walk up to the door pay your money and walk right in, pretty cool! Then it started getting big and we moved to the sidewalk during the day, One Word:HOTT!!!!! Then it was sidewalk overnight, it was fun, met freinds waiting in line overnight that me and the wife are still freinds with, Grateful for that! That being said, when you have a nice Hotel, nice bed and your camping out on that Grungy sidewalk, It Sucked! But we did it, because we love SAMMY! I Wwas one of the people calling for change and thankfully he did it, we got one show the first year and two the second, no Bitching and Moaning Here! Now comes this year, SKUNKED!!!! No Tix, coming down on the 7th and will be there for two great weeks! Still no crying from me, Why???? Because some of you guys and gals on here act as if Sammy Owes this to you, People he could of Retired 20 or so years ago, he does not need to do this, he does because he loves his fans and still loves playing music! As for you people on here crying out that the REAL REDHEADS are being left out, HUH?!?! Ive been A Sammy fan since since Standing Hampton, So according to some of you, I deserve to get into the show more then some young person that maybe started digging his music a couple of years ago. WRONG!!!! Like one fellow RED on here stated, GET OVER IT!!!! I'm going to try for Dinner Tix or do what I can to get in to at least one show, but if I can't, I'll be across the street Partying from outside! Finally, For those of you that got Tix, Congrats and Hopefully I'll see ya inside! And its my sincere hope that some of you are first timers and you can see what some of THE GREEDY OLDTIMERS are so mad about! Stay Cool Sammy,Your The best and every year you keep playing for us is a treasure!!!! Peace, RedHead for life!!!!!!

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Hey Craig - I am an first time Cabo goer ths year but been a fan since the 80's- registered for all 4 shows and got none...freind just backed out of the trip - so here I am a 51 year old single lady going to Cabo by myself without any BB tickets...not real keen on the camping out thing with a $200+ a night hotel waiting for me - but hey I guess I will be camping out - a girls gotta do what a girls gonna do...I bougght backstage meet n greet tickets ($550.00 worth every penny and would do it again)for the Houston Chickenfoot show and finally made a dream come true - met Sammy -Sammy kissed me..and a dream came true I will always have that memory even if I dont get into the BBash...I am still looking forward to the party in the streets in Cabo..Sammy is the best to all his fans - this ticket thing was unfortunate for a lot of folks - myself included but I am over my disappointment and ready to Party!!!

See ya in Cabo
Katherine from Austin TX

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Very well said!!!! That is a true sincere heart and that is what being a RedHead is all about! We all know that if Sammy could make it possible for everyone to see him, he would. But that is an impossible task that even the RedRocker himself could not do! We have been going to the BB bash since 2000 (except for 2 years, (daughters wedding and husband broke his back) so we have seen the ticketing prices and methods change drastically also. There isn't a perfect solution, there are just too many RedHeads wanting tickets and not enough time. Sammy is alaready doing 4 shows within a weeks time, which is a lot and inturn tells us how much he truly cares for all of his fans. We got tickets for the 9th and are ever so grateful for that. On theother nights we will be having a party outside of the Cantina! Good luck to all of you and see you in Cabo!

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I think one of the reasons the redheads are pissed off this year is because you did not have to be a fan club member to register for the drawing. That is understandable because most of them have been loyal for decades. All other shows being in the fan club gets you access to purchase tics b4 the general public. This is a big change from previous practices . Hope it' s not the future trend for other shows also .

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Yea man well said. I was fortunate enough to get tickets to the birthday show on the 13th. I joined the fan club in Feb of this year yet I have been a long time fan of Sammy as well as Montrose. Saw Montrose in the 70's and saw Sammy solo in the 80's (Joe Perry Project opened up). That first Montrose album is one of the greatest most bad ass rock albums of all time. I also saw Ronnie Montrose play solo about three times as well. Once in this little bar in Wisconsin. Regardless the old fan club members bitching almost make me feel guilty for having gotten tickets. But it has been a dream of mine to see Sammy play at Cabo Wabo. It's been on my bucket list! I've never been to Cabo let alone Mexico. The Redheads are turning out to be one coolest groups of people I've met in quite a while. Wish I had joined them years ago. I thought there would be no way I'd ever be able to get tickets. But I entered the ticket lottery for every night and was stunned to see I got the 13th. So in these tough economic times I'm sucking it up and heading down there. I cannot wait to hang with all the fans, it's going to be a blast that I will never forget! Thanks Sammy! Keep on Rockin Brother!!

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Well said indeed. I've been to Cabo several times but never was able to get bash tickets. Thankfully, I was able to get two for the 9th this year. This first timer is very much looking forward to the show and partying with all the cool Redheads. I'll be down there from Chicago October 6th-13th. Good luck scoring some tickets.

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CraigTo85 thanks for your comment. I was so pissed off by some of the negative
comments that it finally made me sign up on the website so I
could comment back. I have been a fan for years and did the
whole sleep outside in Cabo. I've had a local in line hand me his jacket
for a pillow and another one steal my purse. We all no there were more and more
locals in line, and they were selling the tickets. This process needed to change. I am not old yet, but too old to sleep on the damn sidewalk in Mexico for concert
tickets. People should be more appreciative for all the years of free concert tickets and many years of great rock n roll. Good lord... It's 8:05. Time to rock? Sacramento/Roseville/Folsom loves you Sammy. We are coming down to party
no matter what! Happy 65th!

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you the man! well said! i hope you get in one way or another!