2014 bday bash

April 25, 2014 by Craiger

can somebody tell me how i go about securing tix to the bday bash


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I'll be in Cabo from 10/5 - 10/12 and still trying to confirm whether or not I've picked the right week. When are the parties??

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Hey Paul, I sent you an email regarding the availability of your room at PBR. Is it still available? What days and what type of room? Thanks,


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hi redheads we ha 1 week at the pueblo bonita rose. it is avail for the week of the bash all we want is maint fees 550 or so for the week if interested email me at pauln8tor@yahoo.com thanks paul

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Hasn't happend for me since the lottery started, Stayin positive

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entry for the lottery is generaly at the end of July, the drawing will most likely be in August...Good Luck!! It's an awesome time!! Watch the RR page and watch for e-mail updates