November 09, 2010 by RedCon
Tahoe 9/11/2010

YES a night to remember, from the beauty of Tahoe, to the music from Chickenfoot, and Aaron with the Wabo's truly a great concert night. I went to this concert two and a half weeks after loosing my hubbie of 29 years to Lymphoma a rare kind. What a great night that happened for me. From Sammy putting on my t-shirt I brought from Texas, to Chad throwing me a drum stick, a cymbal stand at the end of the show, and to meeting Aaron at the end of the night at the VIP party. What a great guy like his POP! Music is such a amazing thing, it can make you smile, dance, feel happy, sing, and did I sing, to also meeting many great people. I meet some of the best RedHead fans, they were so kind to me after hearing my story. From RedHead fans just on here that have sent kind messages, what a great bunch of people from around the world. Cool I think! So LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH, DANCE, AND BE HAPPY REDHEAD FANS. Live life to the fullest, rock with Sammy and the gang! My hubbie was 49 young when he passed, and did we ever rock it out and party down at our last Chickenfoot concert together 12/5/209 in Vegas. A great memomy I have, thanks Sammy for the many you give us. YOU BET we expect to see you at 64, keep it comin on! OH YEAH!


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Hey Constance,

I posted the pic of you and the stand along with my hubby, inside the Cantina after the show. It was another awesome night, but for you it had a very special meaning. Thank you for sharing.


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Con, can you believe it's been two months already? I still feel like this just happened yesterday!! Thanks so much for sharing this, very cool!! Great pics, that Aaron sure is a cutie, just like Dad!!♥