HOB show in AC was phenomenal

August 13, 2011 by cmannering
HOB show in AC was phenomenal
Up close and personal with the crowd
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Starving when we arrived, my husband and I decided to scarf down some grub in the House of Blues Restaurant before going up to the second floor of the Showboat to the House of Blues Music Hall.

Thankfully we told the waiter that we had plans to see the show and when we finished our meal he gave us "Pass the Line" tickets which put us in the VIP line. This allowed us to go into the show before the other hundreds of people and so we scored VERY close standing position to the stage thanks to the general admission tickets Brian bought.

So even though I had not been allowed to bring in my camera, because it has a detachable lens...my phone still took decent photos because we were close.

The show was incredible. I really can't do it justice just by writing a blog post. Sammy and the Waboritas are such a fantastic band. Sammy was great with the crowd, friendly, funny and comfortable.

His in-laws were in the audience and at one point he had his father-in-law come on stage which was hilarious and endearing at the same time. Though I'm sure he wouldn't use the word endearing.

I'm so glad we went even though it was a two hour drive on a Wednesday night. Brian and I had a fantastic time.

Bucket list addition for me... to some day make it to Mexico to see Sammy and the Wabos!

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HOB show in AC was phenomenal
Sammy is just so awesome!