When will the CDs ship?

September 27, 2013 by clance65

I just don't understand, how CDs haven't shipped from the preorders here?

Every outlet has them and Amazon orders all arrived on release day.

3 days after release and still not shipped? I don't do downloads, that's why I ordered a cd. I paid extra shipping here, no big deal. I just don't get why they couldn't have at least shipped on release day. Any help?

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got my gold package today finally.Let's just say not happy what so ever.Will never order from these people again.Sent wrong size shirt.Called they said i ordered xl not medium.Last thing i ordered it on the first go around when only 100 were to be made which sold out in hours.Then they said 250 were going to be made since i ordered in the first round would have thought they would have kept track of who bought when.But no i got one of the worst numbered.Just a little rant ps the picture is cool

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ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE that pre-orders aren't shipped in any kind of a timely manor.
Will never order anything again from this website.
Diehard fans get the shaft again!
Thanks Sammy

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I emailed TopSpin, the distributor for Sammy's new release pre-orders and this is the answer that I got; Thanks for your email- I'm sorry to hear you've not received your Sammy Hagar order.

I understand we are awaiting a delivery of further stock to our warehouse, which is the reason for the delay. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. I am passing on your support ticket to our fulfillment team now who will be able to update you once more information becomes available.

Many thanks for your patience and understanding on this. By purchasing from redrocker.com, you have supported the artist more directly and for that he thanks you.

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Mine has not yet shown as shipped either. Mail already ran today so that makes it Monday best case if the tracking info is just not current.

Lesson learned.

I wanted to go with the "official" site and support the cause with a pre order...etc...etc.

I figured I download the MP3's day 1 and I can wait a few days for the physical stuff to get here.

Were talking a week after release best case....no idea if they have even shipped.

Would be nice if there was some kind of update.

I'm foolish to tie my money up on a pre order with anyone other than Amazon.....wont happen again.

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Crazy, still waiting for this to be shipped. Never again!

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Still waiting too... Should of ordered it from Amazon would have gotten it faster, and free shipping. :(

This is what my email said: Your order will ship via Domestic Standard Mail (3 - 7 days). Once your order ships, you will receive a shipment notification.