May 29, 2014 by Ckujath

Help! It is on my Husband s bucket list to see Sammy in Cabo during his Birthday Bash. I booked an early 40th birthday trip for him and now I HAVE to complete the trip by getting tickets to see Sammy while we are there. Can any one help with a way to secure tickets for sure??

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You can enter for multiple nights, but they are non-transferrable. Place only holds about 750 people so our chances aren't great. Last year was the first year we won lottery tickets and I have tried since the beginning. I turned 50 over the summer and it was our 30th anniversary. Got tickets for 1st night and BB Bash. Was meant to be and was awesome.

You can also get dinner tickets by standing in line. But those are limited. Good luck. Plenty to do in Cabo if you don't get selected.

And it would be a good idea to hang out when people are getting wristbands. Seems some people get multiple drawings for same night and are looking to get rid of tickets here and there. I was just thankful to be part of it. Only way I can do it this year is if I get selected again. Maybe will see you there.

Will be at Downstream Casino on June 28th in the meantime!

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Thanks, Do you know if you can enter for multiple nights? We will be there for 2 of the shows. I also read that they are non guess this means I can't have family try as well??

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Sorry to be the one to break the bad news. but there is no way to guarantee tix to the show. They have been doing the lottery system for a few years now. I have been going down since 1993 and have been lucky to see many shows. but since they started the lottery system, i have not had luck at getting tix. hoping things go better this year. keep your eyes peeled for when they open up the lottery in mid to late June. you will be asked to give your credit card or debit card info at this time when u register. they usually do the drawing a week later and will deduct the money from your account or charge your card so make sure if u are using debit card u have the $$$ in your account or the tix will go back i to the lottery. I believe they are also doing the dinner show tix this way too. good luck