cabo wabo b-day bash

July 19, 2010 by cindyh050
cabo wabo b-day bash
Sammy, Michael & Mona......Rocked OUT!

this was the last time I was there....REALLY,REALLY miss being there. Got pushed back in line so badly other fans, didn't have a chance to even eat dinner......My question is, will there be an Atlantic City show this year? Alot less travel time...I would consider comming back to Cabo...(I LOVE IT there) if I could buy tickets in advance....

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Thank You Sammy!
You made it possible for me to attend two of your shows this waiting in lines, no pushing and shoving! no fighting to try (and fail) to keep your place in the line once there! This is TRUELY the best Cabo B-Day Bash I have ever attended.....(the others were great too) But I just love the new and very much needed improved system! You rock! Thank you for considering all of us who do grow older every year too! Those streets were getting pretty hard on this body! I will NEVER miss another bash again!
Peace & Love to YOU!