Toronto! August 17??

July 08, 2010 by christap050

Why isn't Toronto on the event list? I have my tickets and it is on the Air Canada website?? I am only going to see Sammy and the Wabo's!! I want to be sure Sammyis going to be there. Anybody know what is going on?

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THANK YOU so much for adding this show! I am so happy Sammy will be there! I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU SAMMY!!! xoxoxo

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I'll be there too! It will be fun as always.

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Thank you for your post.I must have missed that memo somewhere!
Yea Sammy...Please? pretty please.... with sugar on top? ;)
I Love you Sammy!!!

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I have tickets for that one too, and Sammy is the only reason that I'm going. My guess is that the shows with Sammy opening for Aerosmith are not part of the Backstage Pass giveaway (Admin posted something about that a little while ago) so they don't want to put them on the list here with the "I'm going" button.
Come on Sammy, Toronto wants to meet you!