Got B-Day Bash Tickets!

July 05, 2014 by chrism066

Got my email today! Heading to Cabo for show #3! The countdown is on! Good luck to everyone else.

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lindat018's picture

Congrats to y'all!!! First time not winning bd bash tix. We will still have a rock n roll week!!! Sooo thankful & excited to be going to Cabo in the Fall!!! See y'all there ~Peace

seana008's picture

Won tickets for the 13th show in Cabo.

Will be great, can't wait!!!

waterwoman's picture

My birthday is October 9 and I usually get a ticket at least for that show. Does anybody have any extras to sell? I sold my extras in 2012. I didn't go last year as my timeshare is alternate years. Anything would be great except I can't do the 13th as I'm leaving. Please...

graceharriet313's picture

the lipperts are in for the 13th. we are booked and ready, staying again at the Riu palace. went up to Joliet and will be in St. Louis of course. But most importantly-1013 Cabo style.

917cabo's picture

Sure gets old year after year not getting tickets when we bought our timeshare based around Sammy's birtday back in the day where you could just get tickets and not have to be chosen. So disappointing again. Guess we just aren't lucky. Have fun everyone.

jimonyr94's picture

I'll see you there I won for night 3 and my girlfriend won for night 2 can't wait.

rscopes5150's picture

Got mine! Show #2. This was the first time I have tried!! So excited.

Tallkewl1's picture

Just got my confirmation for show 3 too! Was hoping for show 4 since that's my 50th Birthday but I'll take it! See ya there!