sammy hagars fun and freedom at the capes of BAJA MEXICO tonight and forever a-men!!

October 13, 2010 by Chris Bumstead

hola gringo man samster, otherwise known as bogus otis. this is up in edmonton alberta. just a true blue redhead, red rocker, van halen fan wishing you a very happy and fun filled birthday bash tonight 10/13 2010 way down there at lands edge in cabo san lucas BCS MEXICO. speaking of cabo i flew down to the sleepy town south of the border from LAX deja vue style after visiting my lady friend sheila minard who has been involved in producing music for years and personally knows EARTH WIND AND FIRE from LA very well as well as david geffen from geffen records, quincy jones and a few other celebrities too. sheila owns a nice house in tarzana ca with a mini studio to record with. i attended your october 13 2004 b-day bash and it was a blast that night. i was about 5 rows back from the stage to the right taking pictures of you, andrew, mike and the wabos. thanks for the 10/13 CD i received in person from dion upon entry and allowing cameras in your cantina as you played live that night. however i was not the least bit impressed with trying to sleep on a dirty piss stained sidewalk for 13 hours while i waited for my yellow wristband to obtain entry for your b-day bash the next day. so listen i was thinking since your name sammy is a two syllable boys name of hebrew origin that means "GOD" or moreover "asked of GOD to listen" then i should include the passage in 1 samuel 10 verses 13 that says... and when he had made an end of prophesying he came to the high place... called the cabo wabo cantina, he walked down the pedway skywalk onto his stage and spoke into the microphone with his powerful trademark voice, and said "WELCOME TO THE CABO WABO" hey you lucky fuckers down there at 21 degrees lateral sing unto the lord with stringed and percussion instruments" give thanks for who you are, where you are, and what you have. praise the most high "GOD" tonight on 10/13 2010 and forever as you kick it up a notch at the cabo wabo cantina. just a thought pertaining to the seventh seal which as you know is a biblical reference. you asked the listeners or moreover the fans of van hagar on that outstanding GOLD platinum album for someone to crack the seventh seal. i am not trying to stiff you with religion sammy but in a sense where that black book titled "THE HOLY BIBLE" is the reason for human existence on this planet, i am truly valuable to you and those lyrics. unlike you sammy i too had an extra terrestrial or GOD like experience on a late hot summer night in 1986. a deep echoed voice said "IN MY HEART" after waking me up into a joyful cry. sammy i was born under the fifth astrological birth sign called "LEO THE LION KING" which is the "SNAKE" in the chinese zodiac so mike needs to read this blog and view my pics too. 2013 is the year of the snake and we snakes are known to be "financially LUCKY" so i just cant wait to win the lottery jackpot as destined!

the VH band has always been my favorite group since 1979 starting grade 9! i accepted you and was thrilled when sammy joined the band. anyway there is a classy night spot called the LUX steak house in downtown edmonton. their liquor cabnet contains reposada cabo tequila with about 4 ounces left and apparently no other bottles are on hand! i spoke to the blonde female bartender yesterday and she said she will save me that last four ounces for today and even give me the bottle that will go with my collection. i will pickup my lady friend corinna from work and we will stop in at the LUX steakhouse and we will have a couple of waboritas at $14.50 an oz to go with tonights bash at cabo wabo cantina. then later tonight when i get home i will jam out with my wolfgang copy while i play 10/13 and some of your other your music. P.S i wish i was there at cabo wabo again this year kickin some serious ass like we did in feb 92 and oct 2004. hello hows it going to all your band mates and once more "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMMY HAGAR" my very distant brother in christ!.

chris bumstead
a clever thinker of edmonton alberta!

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