Done wrong by security at theGrand Casino last night

October 20, 2013 by chef_coy

My name is Coy Pierce ,and I have been a fan of Sammy's since the first time I heard Three Locke Box in 1982(I was 12). Any way I finally get the chance to see him last nigh. Right after Tom Keifer's set this guy walks up to me and says"Hold this (its an empty beer can). It's not mine so I set it down. He starts yelling at me "So that's how it's gonna be",and starts hollering for backup. Thats when I noticed that the back of his shirt says security. They escort my wife ,my sister-in-law and myself outside the fence where I am surrounded by 5 o 6 police. I tried to ask them what's going on and the head of security starts telling me you threw that beer. Now your going to leave .When I tried to protest he asks me "Are you calling my deputy a liar?" I replied yes I am ,I go to Several concerts a year and I don't act like that. "Well I'm going with my man on this one and you gotta go!!" .Now I am a fan and I respect the artists I pay to see.And last night we had bought V.I.P. tickets. I have never been thrown out of a concert nefore because.I DON'T ACT THAT WAY!!!!!!! This whole experience has really soured me on the Grand Casino in Shawnee Oklahoma.We spent more than200 dollars on tickets another hundred on shirts AND another hundred eating and gaming.Only to be Falsely Accused of throwing a beer can. And thrown out of the show, thats just wrong,man!!! SammyI'm still a fan but I wont be going back to That Venue!!!

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Dear Coy,

We're so sorry to hear about your experience at Sammy's show! How awful. We know this is NOT how Sammy wants his Redheads to be treated and we suggest contacting the venue over this issue.  Very disappointing.

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A security guard handed you an empty beer can and when you threw it down he threw you out? That makes no sense at all..

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WTF ARE THEY SELLING BEER BY THE CAN ANYWAY. IT JUST GOES TO SHOW YOU THAT THEY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT HOW TO RUN A SHOW. Beer is supposed to be pour into a cup when you buy it. So no cans or bottles get thrown by drunk people at the stage.

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We had Platinum seats and 1/2 way thru the Sammy show people started swarming the stage. Some of our friends had been there all day (2pm) and we got there at 6pm drove from Houston. I had a great spot but there was a lot of pushing and shoving. It took forever to get security to come to us and remove this rude couple who muscled their way to the front. I hate to hear you had a bad experience. They needed more security up front and less in the back. The concert was amazing - I just got back from Cabo (got to see Sammy 5 times) and seeing them on fire and up close was a great way to end my vacation. We told the Grand personnel that they needed better security since this was their 1st concert outside.