Making my pilgrimage to the southern tip of Baja Mexico!!!!

January 28, 2013 by chadzortman69

Have been a huge fan of Sammy's since '82, saw him with VH in '86 and again in '92. Saw him solo in Sioux City, IA in November 2007 with the Wabos.
Been to Mexico 3 different times and finally convinced my wife and friends to go to Cabo...leave on Feb 14th for 5 days and will definately be hitting the Cabo Wabo Cantina!!!! Was hoping a certain 60-something red rocker was going to be performing there...but nothing is perfect.

Can't wait to be Face-down in Cabo soon!

Chad Z in Sioux Falls

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I would check your room real good for unwanted guests. My wife and I stayed there for the B-Day Bash last year and our room was cockroach infested all over. We requested a room change at first they wanted to come spray but we said no way. They then changed rooms but didn't tell us it would be six hours before that it was ready.

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What an amazing coinsidence Jason. We have 4 couples going down for that weekend...staying at the Riu Santa Fe. I'm hoping that the post above is correct and Sammy is there that weekend.
Looking forward to the sun the sand and the beaches.

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Have a great time. I'm envious. Maybe check out Slim's Elbow Room
Smallest Bar near the rear Cantina entrance. My pic might still be taped on the bar tip can. Taken at a show in RI 2010. Try to get to The Office and get some work done. I mean relaxing. Daline Jones is great. Maybe she's
there performing that week. Tell her Lou, Ernie and Judi sent you. Hope you see Sammy.

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You guys may have a good chance as I believe that is a holiday weekend. I hear he likes to come down when the kids are out of school for an extended period. I am down here now and the weather has been awesome, but no Sammy this trip. I did catch him here by accident last Feb 23rd, so maybe.

Good luck and have a great time!

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This is funny. I will be in Cabo starting February 15th and I am also from Sioux Falls. Of course, it's best to go over Sammy's birthday week in October I was able to enjoy that back in 2010. However, over Valentine's day week back in '06 Sammy showed up on that Saturday night joined the band for about an hour. I am hoping that Sammy decides to head to Cabo after his show at the Vegas Cantina on Feb 9th.

My wife and I will be at the Cantina at least on Fri, Sat and Sunday night hoping that he will show.

Jason Campbell