February 20, 2013 by chadzortman69
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Just got back late last night from our trip to Cabo...Feb 14-19. I read Sammy's book the whole trip and finished it on the last plane ride home. A great book and really makes you appreciate what this man has gone through and put up with to get where he is.
We hit the Cabo Wabo Saturday night and fellow redhead, Jason Campbell informed me that Sammy might show up that night or Sunday night. He didn't show up Saturday night, but the house band is purely awesome....they did not disappoint.
Sunday evening we found ourselves back downtown and decided to swing by the Wabo to see if it would happen. Walked in at 9:20pm and JC told me that it looked good as there were "signs" that he might appear. We luckily found a table open up left of the stage and snagged it.
Five minutes later walking over the crowd on the catwalk is the redrocker himself....I saw him before most and yelled "HOLY SHIT...THERE HE IS!" Crowd went crazy as Sammy picked up his guitar and began to play 7 tunes.
1. Goin Down
2. There's only one way to rock
3. I love this bar
4. I can't drive 55
5. Finish What Ya Started
6. Cabo Wabo
7. Mas Tequila

My wife bragged all Monday to our friends that didn't come back with us about seeing Sammy Hagar live at the Cabo Wabo. This was an experience I'll never forget.


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BelwCabo2013's picture

Don't forget to add Heavy Metal to the list. Awesome experience!

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Chad, did you see that this (your post) was mentioned via Sammy's facebook page? AWESOME! What a great show and what a great week in Cabo. I can't wait to go back.

Blue Jean Juliet's picture

Now that's what dreams are made of!