February 20, 2013 by chadzortman69
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Just got back late last night from our trip to Cabo...Feb 14-19. I read Sammy's book the whole trip and finished it on the last plane ride home. A great book and really makes you appreciate what this man has gone through and put up with to get where he is.
We hit the Cabo Wabo Saturday night and fellow redhead, Jason Campbell informed me that Sammy might show up that night or Sunday night. He didn't show up Saturday night, but the house band is purely awesome....they did not disappoint.

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Making my pilgrimage to the southern tip of Baja Mexico!!!!

January 28, 2013 by chadzortman69

Have been a huge fan of Sammy's since '82, saw him with VH in '86 and again in '92. Saw him solo in Sioux City, IA in November 2007 with the Wabos.
Been to Mexico 3 different times and finally convinced my wife and friends to go to Cabo...leave on Feb 14th for 5 days and will definately be hitting the Cabo Wabo Cantina!!!! Was hoping a certain 60-something red rocker was going to be performing there...but nothing is perfect.

Can't wait to be Face-down in Cabo soon!

Chad Z in Sioux Falls

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