Van Halen

January 19, 2012 by chadm046

Holy Shit! a new Van Halen album is coming out!

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"Sammy's" book

April 01, 2011 by chadm046

It took me a few day's to get through the book, but wow! Just the the Van Halen era alone kept me glued to the book. All i have to say is..Redheads rule the planet and there will never be another Sammy Hagar.

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new book

February 22, 2011 by chadm046

Excited to read the new book

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Wisconsin fans know how to party

August 15, 2010 by chadm046

Hey Sammy...will you consider coming back to La Crosse and play "Octoberfest"? I know it's a stretch.

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