Any news on Special Guests?

September 16, 2012 by catinthehat300

Every year, it seems, there are special guests that come to the Birthday Bash. Has there been any info on who may appear this year. This is my first Bash trip and am SOOO excited. See all you you RedHeads on the 7th!!!

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Special Guests and merchandise????

August 09, 2012 by catinthehat300

I have heard there are usally special guests at the Bash each year and special edition items to buy. (This is my first ever Bash trip - going to show on 7th).

Any news on what might be on the agenda this year?


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Who is going to the Show on the 7th???

August 04, 2012 by catinthehat300

I am attending my first Bash on the 7th. Who else is going and where are you from? maybe some of us could meet up ahead of time (i am arriving on the 6th). We are staying at the Wyndam, at the port area...

Can't wait to see everyone there!!!


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Cabo here I come!!!

July 30, 2012 by catinthehat300

I got my tix! Was hoping for the 11th show for my birthday, but got 7th (no complaining here!). Gonna be a blast!!!!

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