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August 11, 2017 by carol piechota

Hola Amigos
I'm just curious about every ones thoughts on the recent crime in Cabo..That beach shooting is so scary! I have never been afraid there even when we slept on the street (I miss that, fun times). I hope to have that same easy feeling this time. No one can stop a redhead from having a good time!!

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Hola, I am so tired on the media making a huge deal over the shooting in San Jose. Have you been to Chicago lately or any other big city in the US? Have you Googled how many lives are taken in a day, or month in the US? If you are not looking for drugs than sleep easy in Cabo. I live in the US and I can hardly watch the news anymore about gang shootings, domestic violence shootings, police shootings, etc. Where was the Media when Cabo needed hurricane relief for Odiele? The Mexican Gov. flew US citizens home free for safety. The US airlines robbed US citizens to get them home safe. Proud to be an American. :) Cheers!