July 31, 2012 by caribbeanqueen

There are so many of us dedicated REDHEADS that didn't make the cut, or got cut,is more appropriate. Sammy himself is not to blame, I know he is genuine with his love for his fans, they tried something and in my opinion was a disaster !

So lets get this party started and celebrate our favorite man of the hour with a Birthday bash ourselves, I contacted RIPS BAR and let them know what's up, great reviews and and a great place to drown our sorrows, but Hey ! There is still after the show ! We can always march to MARS after a good buzz on at the end of his show and shout him out a Big HAPPY 65TH with our lighters lit, reminiscent of his concert days we all remember :)

Need some feedback all you REDS. The E-mail address for RIPS is ripsbar@gmail.com send then a RSVP for the 13TH of the OCTOBER if you want to get face down, it's only fair to let them know in advance, there could be 100's..............Mas Tequila :):):)

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Awesome, I want to meet you all before the 13th. I leave afternoon of the 13th. Newbie to the birthday bash but not Sammy Hagar lovin. :)