For all The Redheads Left Out

July 30, 2012 by caribbeanqueen

For all the Redheads that got left out on the drawing ! I say lets make lemonade out of our lemons :) We should all meet up on the 13TH for a celebration of our favorite man of the hour.A pre-party and hit the cantina for the aftershow :)

Suggestions for a meet-up anyone ? Squid Roe comes to mind :)

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 5  Redhead Comments

CaboKathy's picture

We haven't been selected either for any tickets but still plan to be there an party to celebrate Sammy's week with great people! Please post details so we all know what's going on...can't keep us REDheads down :)

Tomigriffin's picture

I leave on the 13th :(

ktanton's picture

Count me in - I got no emails either but still gonna have a red rockin good time....keep us posted on the pre-party plan!!!

No Tic's in Texas...booooo

JonOpper's picture

We can be the Redout Rockers!

caribbeanqueen's picture

Awesomeness ! Lets come up with a catchy " Party Name" I bet we get all kinds of takers. I have never set up a party but this will be fun and take some of the " STING " out of being left out :)

Rburla's picture

Sounds like a date....we too missed out all 4 nights.
i'll keep watching the blogs to see where to meet up.