Sammy's Birthday Bash!

August 02, 2013 by Cabowabooze

Jackpot!!! We got tickets! So aweswome...We moved down to Cabo last October and arrived the last day of the show :-(. We have missed him many times throughout the last 9 months hearing through the grapevine after the fact about his surprise visits to Cabo Wabo. SO we are really stoked as we are regulars and all the staff know us by name and we bring all our friends and acquaintances there! We have a wall full of Cabo Pics and am looking forward to adding one of Sammy's bash to it! yeeha! Mas Tequila!

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 2  Redhead Comments

toms008's picture

I AM SOOOOOO STOKED. This will be our 30th anniversary and we got tickets for 7th and 13th. We see Sammy whenever he is anywhere close to KC. Got 4 banners signed....KC, StL, Nashville and Tulsa. Been an on-stage fanatic twice. We have talked about the doing the bash for years, but now it will become a reality.

Look forward to partying with Redheads for a week. Who knows how long it will take to recover from this one!!

larry the bartender's picture

Congrads, I got lucky also. Need a locals point of view. Want to stay about a week. I'm a bartender from Memphis on a budget, any ideas Thanks