FYI:Birthday Bash Ticket Pick Up Info!

October 03, 2012 by CaboWaboGuy

Hi all! I'm posting this info again because many people are asking for pairs of tickets, or are trying to sell or trade pairs of tickets! Alot of new people are here now & it seems alot of those people got tickets for the Bash shows & are headed down to Cabo for the first time! You really have no idea what to expect, so here is how it works!

On each day of a show from 2:00pm to 10:00pm there will be a table set up outside the gift shop at the Cantina to pick up your tickets! You will only be able to pick up that nights show! If you were lucky to get several shows, which alot of you were, you will pick up those tickets on the day of the show only also! There will be a line early on, but later in the afternoon you will be able to just walk up to get them! The people in line early will typically start the line to get into the show then! The doors for the show will open between 7:30pm to 7:50pm!

When picking up your tickets, the person who's name is on the credit card/confirmation has to show up with a picture ID & the person who will be his or her guest! You will NOT get a ticket! You will get wristbands! These wristbands will be placed on your wrist before you leave that table! You will not be able to leave the table with a wristband in your hand to put on someone later on!

You WILL NOT be able to have the ability to have both your wristbands put on different people! If you are the buyer, you will have to have a wristband on you! Remember the tickets are non-transferable! So there really isn't any trading of pairs of tickets! Pairs of tickets WILL NOT be available for transfer!!

Again people, please note that there will be no pairs of tickets from anyone due to the rules of non-transferability!! Many people are asking for pairs, they will not exist period!! You might get lucky to get one as a guest!

If you think that you will be able to pull the wristband off to put on someone else, I wouldn't do it! As you enter the door they will be looking closely at the wristbands! If it looks like it has been tampered with, you will not get in!

Do not try to sell your extra guest ticket for a profit! If you are caught, you will lose both your tickets! Scalping is not tolerated & you could be getting set up because they will be watching for it!

And lastly, remember you are in Mexico & a visitor! You might think something isn't fair or whatever! But don't pitch a fit or go crazy because you will be thrown out or worse, thrown in jail!

If anyone has questions please let me know & I would be happy to answer any & all questions to the best of my ability!

Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

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Great write up, Doug. Very helpful!