Desperate plea!!!!

September 15, 2012 by cabowabodunc
Desperate plea!!!!
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Only 3 week till we set off on our mammoth 32 hour journey to Cabo!
We're travelling all the way from Manchester, England to celebrate Sammy's 65th

We've been to Cabo before but have never managed to get tickets to the birthday bash.
Desperate, Desperate, DESPERATE.. for tickets to the show on the 13th..

2 tickets would be awesome, but i would settle for one and lock the wife in the hotel room!

There has to be a Redhead out there who can help!

PLEASE get in touch..

Peace and Tequila!


P.s. the photo is one i took at a chickenfoot gig in Dublin Ireland 2009


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dude, you know the tickets are non-transferable! I can't even get MY tickets till the day of each show. they only give ONE ticket and a wrist band to my guest. they check for wrist band tampering. I don't know how you will pull it off? but good luck. Sorry to be a downer.