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September 14, 2017 by cabowabodunc

Does anybody have info on when and where we can leave clothing donations for ADLN - we usually bring an extra suitcase full of kiddy clothes..?
It's usually out the front of the cantina...
Also are they wanting any specific items this year???

Also - Seen booze cruise info but has anyone seen a date for the beach party yet?

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Hello, first timer here. Where do we find more information on the additional events going on - cruise, beach party, etc.? And what is this about donations for kids? Thanks!

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Hey Brando mate
Cheers for the info..
We're at the mar-de-Cortez again this year.... we are every year and we stay above your room !!
We always see the flags and the shananagins at your room

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What's up mate. You can drop off your bag at the hotel Mar de Cortez, which is just a half block up for the Cabo Wabo cantina. You can leave them at the front desk or come in by the pool and drop off at my room and have a cold beer. Can't miss the room, its 113 and has all the Texas Tech flags flyin. Or can get them to Cindy there as well. Or can bring to parking lot of cantina on the 13th at 10AM. We will take to the barrios after all clothes are sorted to size and gender. As for the beach party it is tentative for noon on the 12th at Tobasco's, barring any further storm damage. Info will be out for sure by the bash. Peace love and hairgrease, adios, Brando.....