ADLN Donations

September 14, 2017 by cabowabodunc

Does anybody have info on when and where we can leave clothing donations for ADLN - we usually bring an extra suitcase full of kiddy clothes..?
It's usually out the front of the cantina...
Also are they wanting any specific items this year???

Also - Seen booze cruise info but has anyone seen a date for the beach party yet?

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2014 booze cruise

August 14, 2014 by cabowabodunc
2014 booze cruise

does anybody know if there is a booze cruise organised this year or any other adln events?????

peace and mas tequila

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2nd chance tickets

October 02, 2012 by cabowabodunc

good luck everyone today!
I'm still looking for a ticket for the 13th
anybody need a guest (+1) get in touch.. PLEASE....
coming from the UK. 32 hour journey, so really would love to catch a sammy show......

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September 28, 2012 by cabowabodunc

Guys, getting stressed now.
still desperate for a ticket (wristband/guest spot or whatever i need) for the 13th.. and coming 7000 miles.... somebody must have a guest spot..
fingers crossed... see ya in cabo!

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September 25, 2012 by cabowabodunc

Getting close now guys..
still desperate for a spare (or 2) for the 13th.. i will provide tequila or whatever your poison is all night!!!!..
please get in touch if you can help..
Mas tequila!

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Time to sell something!

September 21, 2012 by cabowabodunc

I am desperate for tickets for the Birthday Bash
We land in cabo from Manchester, England in 2 weeks time and still have no tickets..

i am now at the point of desperation where i will have to consider selling one of the below to get a ticket....

1. Selling a kidney. so i can pay someone an extortionate amount of $'s on the street for a ticket on the day.

2. selling my soul to the devil.

3. Selling my wife. (she is not keen on the idea) but WTF it's his 65th and i'm desperate!!

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Desperate plea!!!!

September 15, 2012 by cabowabodunc
Desperate plea!!!!
More images are available below.


Only 3 week till we set off on our mammoth 32 hour journey to Cabo!
We're travelling all the way from Manchester, England to celebrate Sammy's 65th

We've been to Cabo before but have never managed to get tickets to the birthday bash.
Desperate, Desperate, DESPERATE.. for tickets to the show on the 13th..

2 tickets would be awesome, but i would settle for one and lock the wife in the hotel room!

There has to be a Redhead out there who can help!

PLEASE get in touch..

Peace and Tequila!


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September 08, 2012 by cabowabodunc

Hey Redheads..
Me and my wife are coming to Cabo for the birthday bash..
we weren't lucky enough to get tickets though :(

We are flying into cabo from the UK (32 hours!!!!)
we were there four years ago and didn't manage to get tickets then either...

If anyone can help with tickets (2 would be awesome) 1 would be great..
then i'd be seriously chuffed.. Am happy to pay a premium. I would be gutted if we missed the show again..

We're in cabo staying across the road from the cantina from the 7th to the 14th... so any show would be great.......

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