September 20, 2010 by cabowabo1234

How do I get tickets???????????? I will be there from 10/5-10/12. Anyone out there who can help me???

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Thanks to everyone who gave me awesome ideas.. See ya in Cabo!

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I have 1 extra ticket for the 8th and the 9th

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Yes...pray to the Sammy Gods.....

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after you do everything mentioned below and you are still out of luck then pray to the Sammy Gods!!

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I do know that several people bought 2 tickets for each show. Arm bands will be passed out starting around 2pm the night of the shows and the ticket buyer 'along' with his guest have to both be present to get the arm bands. My suggestion is try to be around the cantina from 2 to ?? and see if anyone with an extra arm band is willing to sell it to you and/or your friends. It's only a suggestion but I'm thinking they may be a few arm bands for sell, but you must be with the buyer when picking them up.

Good luck and C U N Cabo!!

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As much as it pains me to agree with a "wooky".....he is correct. You might as well plan on spending a considerable amount of line time since some are predicting the line for dinner tickets will start on the 8th!!! GOOD LUCK

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Prepare to spend a very long time in line for dinner tickets. Good luck!