Redhead Challenge!!!!!

August 09, 2018 by CaboNFall
Redhead Challenge!!!!!

Hello!! That time of year where we all get ready to head down to Cabo for the Birthday Bash and once again I would like challenge each of you to bring a suitcase of kids clothes and/or shoes to help the people in the Barrios. Once again we will be going out and passing the stuff out to them. We will meet in the Playa Grande lobby Thursday Oct 11th at 830am to head out! Even if you can't make the trip out to the barrios, please bring a suitcase and I will get it where it needs to be!! Last year we had 43 suitcases we took out and this year I already have 20 filled myself. If anyone is staying at any of the Solmar properties and live in Midwest that would like to help me get suitcase there let me know. I cover the baggage fees as well as UPS charges to get them to you! You can email me at with any questions!! Time to spread the love!!! C U N CABO!!!!

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Still have a few that need taken down!!!