Donations for Cabo!!

August 25, 2015 by CaboNFall

I am calling all of you out this year!!! Take an extra suitcase of clothing, shoes, toys, leashes, etc and donate them to ADLN or Solmar Foundation. Solmar works with every kind of charity you can imagine from Senior centers to homeless shelters to animal shelters to child daycare centers. You name it, they probably work with it so spend an extra $40 for an old suitcase and fill it up!! If you don't have anything, then head to Goodwill the 1st Saturday of the month. everything is half price so you can get kids shorts, shirts, pants for $1!!! Give back to the amazing people of Cabo and trust me you will so much better having that frozen drink at the pool!!

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Disappointed in the Mexican Customs at the airport as they charged us $35.00 us dollars to bring in the donations we brought. Tried to charge us $50.00 but my husband refused. On top of the $26.00 Alaska airlines charged. So if you decide to bring donations make sure it is mixed in with your own stuff. We brought a full suitcase of just donations.

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Awesome!! yes last year we shipped over 2000lbs of clothes, shoes and supplies from Indiana after the hurricane!

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Thanks for the info. I am coming for the Birthday Bash!! It will be my first time in Cabo since we got bumped last year due to the Hurricane! :-( I donate every time I used to travel to Cozumel. I have so much in my closet that I am just getting ready to rid of anyway.. so perfect timing. Honestly I have enough for 2 Suitcases!! :-) I wish I could ship a box via UPS as well.

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thank you for the info

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We have donated to both the ALDN and Solmar Foundation, they are both awesome foundations that help the needy in Cabo. Please find it in your heart to donate. If you don't want to take an extra suitcase, then stop at the Mega Store or Wal-Mart and buy the items to donate there.

See you all in Cabo!


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also the staff at the Cabo Wabo will accept bags and hold for adln.

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You can drop off for ADLN at mar de Cortez or for Solmar Foundation at Playa Grande!

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where do we drop off our donations?