Changes to Birthday Bash 2012????

February 08, 2012 by CaboNFall

Anybody have any ideas what the rumblings are for changes this year? I go every year regardless of whether I get tickets but curious as to what kind of changes are talking about? all outdoor shows? no shows? only Chickenfoot?

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am trying to get info also.whats up with the sammy booze cruise???only info i can get is sammy in tahoe in may.ANYBODY know any info???

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Sammy always takes care of his fans so whatever is planned will be a blast. But then again I'm easy to please. I'm perfectly happy listening to some good rock music with a bottle of reposado being passed around the cantina. Whatever is in the works, I'm there.

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Yea me to. My first trip down and I would like to b there on yhe birthday bash. We have booked our flights for the week of 10-13. That's the most info I picked up so far. We WILL be goin just hope we get lucky and time it right. Gotta make the most of this trip. Not an everyday get a way for us! Lol