Bitching and Moaning

July 18, 2012 by CaboNFall

WOW! where is the love? Some of you act like going to all 4 shows in Cabo is not only a birthright but an edict from God. Does the fact that you have been coming to Cabo for 20 years making you a bigger/better fan than someone coming for their 1st time? Just for a minute stop and think that maybe, just maybe the world really doesn't revolve around you and that by letting others experience something for the 1st time that you have experienced 100s of times, that is a good thing. Why be so selfish? I think it is the greed of so many that have made the world the horrible place it is now. Show some REDLOVE that you all want to preach so much about with someone else and quit being so self centered. There will be tickets to be found. If you sign up and your significant other sign up and your friends do the same, they will be there. This attitude of well if I can't go to all 4 shows is so juvenile. If you only get to go to 2 shows, so be it. At least you are in Cabo surrounded by great people and great friends. The logic of the old way was better is tired. It isn't coming back so get over it and either accept it or stay home. For those that feel the need, BASH away. I know some of you can't help yourselves.
see you in Cabo

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Yes, just getting to go to Cabo is BIG!

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Well last year it was 120,000 hits on the site over the four hour on-sale time! They were supposed to sell 500 tickets per show, but sold more because of computer problems not working right at shutting down sales at the limit! Which by the way was the reason for the outdoor show! Each show sold out in less than two minutes!! I'm thinking it's going to be very difficult to get more than one show, if even that! But we'll see!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

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sadly you are probaly right. I really am thinking this is going to work out. I mean really how many "casual" Sammy fans come to this site and even less that are going to make a trip to Cabo. let's hope for the best!

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You think this is bitching & moaning?! Wait til after the process & many people don't get tickets or not enough for their groups etc.! It's gonna hit the fan! LOL!!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

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Very well put Bryan...I am gonna be greatful to be in Cabo and even more greatful if I get tickets to a show or 2...

Keep in real folks - it's all good!!!

see ya in Cabo

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and by the way it still is Sammy's party I believe, even though some of you think it belongs to you.