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July 14, 2014 by CaboNFall

I just returned from Cabo yesterday so I missed the initial uproar on this year's turn of events. I said same thing when they went to lottery, make it so everyone gets 1 show before people can get a 2nd show. I really thought that is how they would do it this year. I loved when they did it online sales and got 2 shows out of the 4. I too have been shut out the last 3 years from lottery but fortunate enough to get a ticket from a friend for a show each year. I love Cabo so I'm still gonna have a great time in October and see many, many friends so not gonna complain, but agree it is disheartening to see people bragging about getting all 4 shows when I didn't get one. C U N CABO!!!

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I hear ya , second year in a row my wife and I got shut out. There will be people with all 4 shows and some of us with none. Will be pacing the line for extras again this year. Always a good time anyway and always meet new people. See ya in Cabo!