January 26, 2011 by CABOMIGHK

Great new interveiw with Sammy. The new CHICKENFOOT album will be here before we know it!!!!!! See you all in Tahoe!!


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I wish they would hurry and confirm the Tahoe dates. I'm sure it will happen on at least the 6th and 7th. My wife and I plus a bunch of our friends already have our plane tickets and rooms. We celebrate our anniversary there every year, and it is the 5th annual Sammy/anniversary trip and everyone that has been to Tahoe with us is going, Sammy or not I guess. I had tickets at this time last year, not so lucky this year, hopefully soon!!!!!!


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TAHOE!!! YES< MICHAEL< YES! Bring the WABOS too Sammie, PLEASE> what is the Date for Tahoe????? when can we but tix???? We can't wait as always and appreciate the annual Tahoe bashes, both nites!!!! Rock on Sam!!!!!nad bands!!!!!
Mark and RoseMary (Lady Red Rose)

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That is awesome! Glad you could share that with us. Have you heard when the new DVD is due out? I can't wait for it. The autobiography, the new DVD, the new Chickenfoot CD, MY GOD what else does Sammy have in store for us Redheads this Year!

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Thanks!! Good Stuff!