Red Book Signing 03/20/11

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Sammy took the time to talk with my daughter Lyric, then make sure security let my wife up to the table with my younger son Cash so he could take a picture with them. Thank You soooo much Sammy you made mine and my daughters day.
Although when we got in the car my daughter was sad, I asked her what was wrong, she says 'I forgot to tell Sammy what my favorite song was'. Then she asked me if she could wrie him a letter with a Red pen and tell him. (she had been telling me all wekk she wanted to tell Sammy at the book signing that her favorite song is 'One Way To Rock'. I guess she got shy and was too scared to say anything.

Thank You Again Sammy!

Johnny Ala

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Johnny ! That is really cool ! so glad you had this opportunity - I hope your daughter does write a letter in
RED pen to tell Sam her favorite song

Colleen <-- NW Redhead